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Educational Institutions


The necessity of security and safety is known by most organizations, but where to begin is often a challenge. At Seva 6 our team of skilled security professionals are here to help you along the way.  From providing an in-depth risk assessment to security design, to training your team, we can provide you with unmatched services.


In the event of an incident at your organization which requires the assistance of federal, state or local law enforcement, you will be assigned an investigator to assist you and act as your liaison with law enforcement.  Often times, the jargon that is spoken and the additional information necessary is overwhelming.  Our trained and experienced team of retired law enforcement and military personnel can make the matter easier to navigate. 


Educational Institutions have the distinct honor of educating our population.  While security and safety are of utmost importance, most institutions do not have the time or knowledge to address all of their security and safety needs.  

Allow the team at Seva 6 to guide your team on best practices and policies to assist in keeping your institution safe. 

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