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Our private investigators are trained in the latest state-of-the-art investigative techniques from mobile surveillance to

in-depth investigations.​ We provide clients with peace of mind knowing that the people they employ to work at their businesses or care for their children, homes, or pets have no questionable history. 




The Investigations team at Seva 6 is here to assist you secure your corporation against security risks ranging from physical threats to employee theft, to risk assessment of future construction projects.

Our services include:


Surveillance/counter surveillance

 Intelligence gathering

Fraud, theft, loss control and embezzlement investigations

Interview and interrogation of employees, witnesses and suspects

Pre-employment screening

Accident and workers compensation investigations

Personal injury investigations

Courtroom statements and expert witness testimony

Subpoena service, legal and critical document delivery

Sexual harassment investigations

Extensive civil and criminal background 


Our team is comprised of international security experts who have traveled the globe consulting with foreign governments, training law enforcement and speaking on topics impacting international relations.

The Seva 6 Team understands the importance of thorough due diligence. We develop an in-depth profile on individuals or corporations, allowing our clients to make sound business decisions based on the most accurate information available.  Each investigation is thorough and conducted with the utmost discretion. We customize any due diligence investigations to meet the objectives and budget of our clients. 

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