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School safety
Personal Protection


Security is a concept that not every organization has the time or expertise to consider. Allow the certified Security Team at Seva 6 to provide you with security solutions and peace of mind knowing you are doing your best to protect your personnel, assets and community.


Parents entrust their children to educational institutions all over the world.  Is your school truly safe? Routine drills are not enough to ensure your faculty and staff are prepared for a true emergency.  The vast experience of the Seva 6 Team will provide your institution with safety and security policies, protocols, and drills to make your institutions safer and more appealing to your current and perspective parents.


Securing a large event is often a daunting task.  From high-profile weddings, to kids parties, to celebrity speakers,  the Seva 6 Team has the ability to provide the highest level of discreet or overt security at your event.


Our clients rely on us for professional and discreet private security for their homes, travel plans, securing their children and more.  We provide customized personal protection to each of our clients based on their defined needs.  

And if we aren't around, Seva 6 will provide you with personal safety tools to make you feel more secure in your environments. 

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