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Security and Investigations
Educational Institutions


In today's society, security is an urgent topic. The Seva 6 Team speaks to corporations, organizations, and institutions about the current nature of security, how to combat and overcome the stigma of "over-preparing" for something that will "never happen here." Don't wait for an event to occur before addressing the possibility with your teams 

To book a keynote speech or presentation for your next corporate function, contact Seva 6.  


Security and Investigations are topics that are often glossed over due to their nature.  But both are necessary topics with which to be familiar. Our team has in-depth knowledge of the latest security strategies and investigative techniques.


The topic of security and safety is spoken about quietly at most educational institutions due to the sensitive nature of the topics and the young population at most institution.  The Seva 6 Team has the ability to address these topics and leave your audience feeling well-informed and ready to face challenges specific to your facility. 

Contact us for speaking engagements.  Previous clients have requested us at board meetings, Parent/Teacher nights and training events.  We are here to provide you with the most up to date info to make your facility more secure while maintaining a welcoming environment. 

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